Our newly developed Science Technician seminar has been set up with local needs in mind and can be attended by any science technicians who want to be proactive in their practice and support science further in their school or setting. The seminar and subsequent network will be decided by the participants. 



Science Technicians Seminar

Presented by Simon Quinnell

Plus a Hints, Tips and Mending Session


Open to technicians from the East Midlands for discussions of new ideas, problem solving, day to day issues, practical suggestions for the future, balancing science with other responsibilities and more...




The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme (OTAP) is aimed at developing the practice of teaching assistants and what role they play in supporting and challenging students. This programme is aimed at teaching assistants at all phases and levels.



Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme

This programme is for teaching assistants who are, or who, have the potential to be outstanding in their roles. It will enable them to:

  • place a greater emphasis on the purpose and value of the lessons they support
  • raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning
  • use different methods and styles of support to challenge learners
  • innovate and take risks
  • have a bigger impact on the planning and assessment for the learners they support
  • demonstrate a higher level understanding of teaching and learning
  • be able to coach colleagues to raise performance





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