• Finding it hard to get a job?
  • Are you a qualified teacher who would be able to teach mathematics or physics with suitable training?
  • Are you a mathematics or physics teacher returning to teaching who would benefit from a refresher course?
  • Are you currently teaching mathematics or physics as a non-specialist?
  • Are you a subject specialist who wishes to 'refresh' their subject knowledge and how best to teach it?
  • Are you an HLTA who wishes to specialise in mathematics and/or physics
  • Are you lecturing in FE and having to deliver level 1 and 2 mathematics, numeracy element of Key Skills or physics courses?
  • Are you a primary-trained teacher teaching a nurture group maths and /or physics in a secondary school?
  • Does your current staffing meet your school's curriculum needs for next year?
  • Have you or do you expect to have 'hard to fill' vacancies in mathematics or physics?
  • Do you have or know of high quality teachers in subject areas where you have an excess of staff? Could they be retrained to teach maths and/or physics?
  • Are your current non-specialists physics and mathematics teachers receiving CPD to enable them to teach and assess more

We are working with the Institute of Physics, NCETM and Nottingham Trent University to design and deliver 2 programmes to improve the maths and physics subject knowledge of non-specialist and returning teachers/lecturers such that they can confidently teach 11- 16 mathematics or physics, and in some cases even A level for suitable participants.


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  • Mathematics Non-Specialist Subject Knowledge Programme

    Working with Nottingham Trent University we have designed a course that will develop teachers' subject and pedagogical knowledge to enable them to teach 11-16 mathematics with confidence.


    The course aims to develop an understanding of the new national curriculum for mathematics alongside the development of a deeper understanding of the mathematics they will be teaching.



    Areas of focus include:

    • Key elements of the KS3 and GCSE curricula
    • Reasoning
    • Problem solving
    • Multiple representations
    • Teaching for depth of understanding
    • Teaching and learning strategies
    • Common difficulties and misconceptions in mathematics



    Knowledge areas taught will include:

    • Number
    • Algebra
    • Ratio,
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  • Physics Non-Specialist Subject Knowledge Programme

    Working with Nottingham Trent University and IoP as a Link and Partner School we have designed a course that will develop teachers' subject and pedagogical knowledge to enable them to teach 11-16 physics with confidence to include the teaching of physics A level for suitable participants.

    The course aims to develop understanding of issues and complexities which surround the teaching and learning of physics to enable participants to develop scientific skills to complement the knowledge needed to teach students for a deep understanding of physics. This course will include integrated practical elements.



    Specific Learning Outcomes

    • To develop knowledge,
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  • NCTL Support for Returners

    Both the mathematics and the physics programme has an explicit additional focus on returning teachers. We expect that any returners participating in the programme will benefit from accessing employment opportunities within school groups.


    Returners can be described as those people who have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or equivalent who are not currently employed in a permanent or fixed term teaching post in the English state-funded sector. This could include:

    • People who are working in another sector but have had a teaching post in the past (it does not matter how long ago they left teaching)
    • People who may have
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