George Spencer Teaching School Alliance provides training for recently qualified teachers (RQTs) through the ITP and OTP programmes with emphasis on what is happening in the classroom. For RQTs who would benefit from a wider programme we can offer our own leadership pathways programme, being part of one of the subject or phase networks or participating at the EMTSA pathways to leadership programme.




Primary and Secondary Programme for 2019


  • Builds your research literacy skills
  • Grow confidence in running your own small-scale practitioner and enquiry project
  • Develop a critical approach to evidence
  • Become evidence-informed in approaches to classroom practice


The first session starts on Wednesday 13th February starting at 4pm and each of the 4 sessions lasts and hour.






Secondary Programme for 2019


This programme aims to explore specific strategies which have been proven to raise proficiency in the use of academic language amongst learners and how to apply these strategies in order to raise attainment. This programme is specifically designed to help you support and further challenge students to extend academic vocabulary and communication skills, understand and interpret examination questions and explore and develop critical writing.


There will be 3 workshops to be held at George Spencer Academy each lasting 90 minutes.

  • Workshop 1 - 21st January 2019 4:00 – 5:30pm
  • Workshop 2 - 11th February 2019 4:00 – 5:30pm
  • Workshop 3 - 26th March 2019 4:00 – 5:30pm


For further information or to book places email: courses@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk 



Emerging Coaching Skills for RQT's


This programme will follow on from the "Aspiring Mentors" NQT elective. It will however, be suitable if this elective has not been covered. A more in-depth programme will follow, that will build on this introduction, for those wishing to develop their coaching skills and understand further.


Developing your Coaching Skills

Wed 10th Oct - 15:30 – 16:30

Securing your Coaching Skills

Tues 27th Nov - 15:30 – 17:00

Embedding your Coaching Skills

Tues 26th Feb - 15:30 – 16:30

Module 1 (1 hour)

• What we mean by coaching and how it differs from other forms of development

• Who am I as a coach?

• What coaching can do in my role?

• What might others need from me as their coach?

• What style can I use?

• Introduction to some of the key skills

Module 2 (1.5 hours)

• Key skills of coaching continued

• The coaching conversion

• How to structure your  coaching?

• Models and frameworks

• Intent vs extent

• Coaching Practice

• Measuring your impact

Module 3 (1 hour)

• Reviewing your coaching

• Being a critical friend

• 3 part coaching cycles

• Your development as a coach

• Reviewing your impact

Gap task: Self coach and skill practice

Gap task: Coach, Coachee and Buddy Support

Ongoing development through career development or ALS

Free for George Spencer Teaching School Alliance members. £50 - for non-members for all three sessions.



For further information or to book places email: courses@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk 



Pathways to Leadership Programme for RQTs


Nominations are sought from aspiring teachers and leaders who wish to broaden their capacity to lead teams of colleagues. You may already lead a small team, or have recently taken on a new role of middle or senior leadership. Our 2018 – 2019 is underway but if you would like additional information please see the attached flyer.