SLE Designation

 Are you an outstanding middle or senior leader with at least two years' experience? Do you have a successful track record of working effectively within your own school and/or across a group of schools? Are you able to give evidence of successfully using coaching and or facilitation skills to bring about sustainable improvements?


An SLE is a middle or senior leader in a position below the head teacher with a particular area of expertise, who will support middle or senior leaders in other schools. Deployment is based on need and demand. Deployment types will vary.


There are many benefits for SLEs and their schools:

  • Opportunities to work independently, to be creative and try out new ideas.
  • Development of coaching and facilitation skills
  • Opportunity to network with peers Experience of different school environments
  • The chance to learn from ideas and approaches used in other schools
  • Development of skills and knowledge that can benefit their own school
  • The knowledge that they are helping others to improve and having a positive impact on outcomes for children


To find out more information about the role of a SLE please click here.


If you are interested in becoming an SLE, get in contact with the team on


We will next be recruiting in Autumn 2019.


LLE Designation

Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) are successful Headteachers who work as system leaders to support school improvement. LLEs are all serving Headteachers who have been trained to support fellow Headteachers through a coaching and mentoring approach, acting as critical friend. This support is a valuable part of the school-led system sharing our skills and expertise across our schools.


If you are a serving head teacher and interested in becoming designated as an LLE or are an existing LLE looking to associate with a Teaching School, please get in contact with the team on

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