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Philosophy is a broad subject involving the study of major world religions, ethical issues and universal questions about what it means to be human. Students will develop academic skills of compare/contrast, application and evaluation. Philosophy will also teach transferable skills such as communication, problem solving and empathy. In today's multicultural world the ability to understand why people hold different beliefs, the impact of those beliefs and healthy discussion has never been more important.


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  • Key Stage 3 Philosophy

    In Key Stage 3 students will study a multitude of engaging and stimulating subjects. Year 7 and 8 students will learn about major world religions including Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. As students progress through Key Stage 3 they will tackle more challenging and thought provoking topics such as euthanasia, medical ethics and evil and suffering. These more challenging topics are designed to prepare students for GCSE Philosophy as well as allowing them to discuss and reflect on current issues in

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  • GCSE Philosophy

    The GCSE course involves the study of controversial modern topics such as abortion, euthanasia and nuclear weapons; as well as grappling with timeless questions about death, suffering and the afterlife. In the new GCSE, students will study Christianity and Buddhism. These two religions represent Western and Eastern approaches to morality and spirituality.

    Christianity is the dominate religion in the world with 2 billion followers, it has shaped UK law, inspired activists such as Martin Luther King and features in films,

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