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Exam results days 2017


Year 13 should arrive at the 6th Form site NOT BEFORE 08.00am to collect results.

Year 12 should arrive at the 6th Form site NOT BEFORE 10.00am to collect results.



Year 11 should arrive at the Hall NOT BEFORE 09.00am to collect results.

Year 10 should arrive at the Hall NOT BEFORE 10.30am to collect results.



Helping Your Child With Homework and Organisation

  • Encourage your child to explain homework tasks to you. Discussing often helps to focus the mind.
  • Reward your child for successfully completing homework tasks.
  • Try to provide your child with a suitable place and the right equipment to do his/her homework.
  • Sign your child's planner each week.
  • Help with spelling punctuation and grammar.
  • Take an interest in what your child is learning about.
  • Encourage your child to read out loud to you.
  • Reading skills are essential to learning.
  • Help your child to find out information from books, Internet, etc. Be careful not to do the work for him/her!
  • Take an interest in how well he/she did in previous homeworks. Praise all praiseworthy efforts!
  • Please check that your child has completed the Organisation Sheet earlier in their planner. This will help to ensure that they have the right equipment for each school day.



Recommended Subject Tutors

  • Barbara Matthews - German
  • Dave Thompson - Maths
  • Lois Mackintosh - Maths
  • Dave Wooldridge - Maths


Please contact the school on 0115 9170100 for further details.

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