Top Tips for Exams

Top Tips for Exams

1. Keep Calm and get Organised
Check you know the exam boards for your subjects - ( Year 12 see attached ... Year 13 you really should know !!)
Ensure you have a copy of the relevant sections of the specification for each subject to be examined  ................... if not get printing.
RAG rate the sections of the spec ... identify clearly what you need to revise

2. Keep Calm I have a plan
Ok you have printed specs and RAG rated?
Use the plan attached to organise the rest of this week ... it is not too late !!

What to do next ..............

  • Produce basic plan of where you have commitments - lessons/homework/employment COLOUR CODE
  • Use your RAG rated specs ..... what will you focus on this week? The more DETAIL the more likely it will happen.
  • Once planned trial it ..... as you go through the week tick off what you do ...

3. Organise your folders
Gather the loose pieces of paper
Organise your folder into sections...... Use Dividers !!
Make sure to include all marked work this has feedback..... use it
Include additional resources .... but make sure you use them ... Highlight key points etc ...... not just there to fill your folder !!!

4. Chunk and Check

  • Chunk your work
  • Try an exam question
  • Exam questions on exam board website
  • Struggling to find questions ask your teacher !!!

5. Keep Calm and Read
Textbook, articles, additional sources ..........
SQ3R .... does it work for you?
Effective Reading

Don't understand something ??????

  • Use a post-it make a note
  • Ask your classmates
  • Ask your teacher

6. Keep Calm and Understand Exam terminology
The most important thing to do when you first open you exam booklet is to read all the questions and try to understand what they are asking of you.
This glossary contains many of the exam terms most often used in essay titles

7. Keep Motivated
Check out the blog.
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