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SEN Meet

This is a new and exciting venture at George Spencer Academy. With so many changes happening in this area, we think it is important to have the opportunity to share good practice across school to benefit both staff and students.
SENmeet is an informal gathering of Learning Support Assistants, Teaching Assistants, SENCOs, and teachers, who would like to share ideas, be inspired, or seek advice and information.


The event is split into 2 parts. The first section is 'show and tell', where individuals (you) share ideas which have either been tried and tested and / or are creative and innovative. There are two timed presentations slots available: 

  • Mini Presentations lasting 5 minutes.
  • Micro Presentations lasting 2 minutes.

The second part is an opportunity to network and share ideas in a quick and efficient way linked to the theme of the SENmeet.



The SEN Meets will cover the following areas:

  • Tuesday 10th November 2015 - Maximising Impact of Teaching Assistants
  • Monday 14th March 2016 - Engaging with Parents
  • Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Use of New Technology to Support SEND Learners


If you wish to take part please email: courses@george-spencer.notts.sch.uk with the following information:

- Name:
- School:
- Mini or Micro:
- Title of Presentation:

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